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The registered participants will be allowed to ride on a track in a controlled environment where they learn to ride fast and safe

Our Instructors, who are National Championship contenders, will be present for tips on

  • Track Etiquette
  • Basic Principles of Track Riding

The Track session will be an organized event to allow anyone with a motorcycle, a set of protective gears and the price of admission to gain familiarity with a racetrack and learn how to ride safer than on the street.

Track sessions will have an ambulance standing by, with marshals at every corner who communicate with flags to control the event.

Each session is typically organized in 60-minute of grouping, and the riders will be segregated into novice and expert/racer level.

32 slots available first come first serve basis.

Includes Breakfast and Refreshments!


  • Armour jacket / Leather suit
  • Ankle boots
  • Full-face Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Boots


We are happy to rent out limited numbers of armour jacket and knee guards at Rs 300/-

About the Track

800 meter track with good asphalt providing high grip levels

Track is filled with direction changes and flowing corners with two straights to it.

What makes this track special is the positive cambers in every corner, which means we can carry more brakes and corner speeds.

A great technical track for Racers and Commuters to enhance their skills.

To make it better, the venue is loaded with adventure sports props like rock climbing, zip line, shooting arcade, archery and a lot more.

Join us for a memorable weekend!

Date : 28th January 2018

Venue : Red Riders Sports,
Huskur Dommasandra Road,

Track Hosts

Abhishek Vasudev - 2 Time National Champion

Pukraj Singh - National Level Racer

Vivek Abraham - Host & Pit Boss

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