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The Story of Us

Isle of Man

The bikers’ pilgrimage

Once a year, motorcycle enthusiasts from around the globe flock to The Isle of Man – the racing mecca – for the oldest race in motorcycle history. Bikers from all over the world with great conviction and that modicum of madness, converge here to win at the races, defying death. This glorious race steeped in history and tradition sees high-octane adrenaline junkies with various engine-sized motorbikes zoom, curve and dip through a 37.5 mile long loop at a frightening 130 mph average speed, competing for top rank, risking life and limb in the process.

There’s nothing on earth quite like the Isle of Man TT race. No other motorcycle race throws as many challenges as this course does – bends, bumps, jumps, stone walls, manhole covers and telegraph poles – you have them all. The race has been a regular fixture since 1907, but in that time the circuit has changed remarkably little. A combination of precision driving, quick reflexes and sheer bravery is mandatory to even finish respectably. And to win is to turn immortal. So it’s not for nothing that the Isle of Man TT race is on the bucket list of every biker worth his salt.

6000 Miles to Isle of Man

Kickstart your affair with biking

Talk to us if you eat, sleep and breathe bikes. Talk to us if you live to ride. At 6000 Miles To The Isle of Man we bring you what you have been craving for – as many cool motorcycle things as you dreamed of, meeting up with friends, riding awesome roads, camping out. Look at the list below and scream like a true biker!

  • A cool cozy place that lets you do everything you love
  • Catch up with like-minded bikers
  • Watch live moto GPs
  • Get updates on bikes and racing from across the world
  • Join interactive rider sessions
  • Enjoy live bands, DJs and jamming sessions

Well, doesn’t it sound like everything you wanted to do ever since you laid your hands on your bike? So what are you waiting for? Strap your boots. Buckle up! Let’s meet at 6000 Miles To The Isle of Man.This is the place bikers escape to, to be among those who are on the same wave length.

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